White bathroom - Refinishing Service in San Antonio, TX

Homeowners spend a significant amount of time in bathrooms over the course of their lifetime. As a result, the appearance and function of a home's bathrooms can significantly affect the overall value of the property.

Making the choice to invest in a bathroom remodel can help you make your outdated bathroom more modern. Tile plays a critical role in the design of most bathrooms. While you are probably aware of the importance of selecting a stylish and functional tile, you may be overlooking the unique design opportunities available to you when you choose to customize the grout used to fill the gaps between your bathroom tile.

Here are three grout trends that you can capitalize on in order to create a unique and aesthetically-pleasing bathroom space during your next bathroom remodel project. 

1. Colored Grout

Modern homeowners are embracing color more fully than they ever have before. If you want to incorporate more color into your home, then opting to invest in colored grout for your bathroom remodel can be a great way to introduce a new color palette into your living space.

Colored grout comes in a variety of hues, allowing you to really customize the appearance of your home's bathrooms. You can use a grout that is the same color as the tile you are installing to create a monochromatic look, or you can use a dark grout with light tiles to accentuate a geometric tile pattern and create a chic feel.

Using colored grout in your new bathroom will give the living space an unexpected pop of color with a product that also serves a functional purpose.

2. Fluorescent Grout

Bathroom spaces are utilized at all hours of the day or night. This means that your family members and guests will likely find themselves in your remodeled bathroom during the nighttime hours at some point in the future. You can give bathroom users a unique experience by opting to invest in fluorescent grout.

This type of grout has the appearance of a normal grout product when exposed to light, but takes on a glowing appearance when the lights are turned out. You can use fluorescent grout to create an intricate and glowing geometric pattern on the floors and walls of your remodeled bathroom, allowing the grout to serve as both a gap filler and a nightlight. 

3. Sparkling Grout

If you want to add a touch of elegance and some prestige to your remodeled bathroom space, then opting to invest in a sparkling grout product can be beneficial. Sparkling grouts have a glittering appearance, allowing these grouts to serve as an elegant accessory in your bathroom.

You can use sparkling grout to complement clear or white tiles. You can also fill the gaps between black tiles with sparkling grout to make the glitz of these grouts a focal point in your remodeled bathroom. Sparkling grouts add a touch of elegance to your bathroom while still allowing the room to remain modern and functional over time.

Learning about the different grout options that are available to you can help you utilize a unique and creative grout product to elevate your bathroom remodel to the next level. Take advantage of modern grout trends like colored grout, fluorescent grout and sparkling grout to help you create a bathroom design that is both functional and pleasing to the eye.

If you need help determining which type of grout is best suited for your new bathroom, contact the design professionals at A-Star Bath & Kitchen, Inc. today for assistance in determining how you can incorporate these modern grout trends into your remodeled space.