Homeowners know that one of the most important ways to keep a house’s value up where it should be is by updating the appearance of its interior rooms so that they always have a fresh look. Since homes are lived in constantly, this is an ongoing challenge that involves a combination of replacement, repair and refinishing to take care of faded appearances while repairing the minor damage that comes with day-to-day living.

Bathroom Remodeling

One of the highest-traffic areas of the home is the bathroom, but replacing your old tub or sink can be expensive, since a new installation typically involves:

  • A New Tub
  • Plumbing
  • Flooring Changes
  • Carpentry

By contrast, refinishing a tub means getting the look of a new tub installation while paying only for the refinishing itself. This speeds the process along to shorten the time it takes to get your bathtub working again, and it also cuts the cost by as much as 70 percent. 

How It Works

Refinishing a tub means resurfacing it, and that is done in two stages. First, the original tub is primed, which usually involves a bit of sanding and other preparation work to ensure the new glaze takes hold. Then the new surface is poured and shaped, giving it a fresh appearance and reinforcing its integrity. The result is a new look handled inexpensively and with less waste than the alternative offers.

To learn more about how you can save money by refinishing your old bathtub, call A-Star Bath & Kitchen, Inc. in San Antonio.