Kitchen Refinishing in San Antonio

Is your kitchen dull? Remodeling is lengthy, messy and expensive, but A-Star Bath & Kitchen, Inc. has the solution. We provide professional kitchen refinishing services in San Antonio. Resurfacing the main components of your kitchen will give you the new look you want without all the hassle. We can easily change colors and styles, add updated hardware and even repair parts of your kitchen, and we can do it for a more affordable price than gutting the room. You can come to us for nearly any part of your kitchen.
Repairing kitchen cabinets-  Refinishing Service in San Antonio, TX
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After kitchen refinishing-  Refinishing Service in San Antonio, TX
  • Sinks
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Before and After Kitchen - Refinishing Service in San Antonio, TX
Modern kitchen-  Refinishing Service in San Antonio, TX

Cabinet Refacing & Sink Reglazing for a Gorgeous New Look

Old cabinets with peeling paint are unbecoming, so we work hard to give you the kitchen cabinet refinishing job you need. We begin by scraping away old paint, applying solvent and washing away any residue. Next, we etch and sand your cabinets until they are ready for new paint. After a second round of solvents, we apply several coats of paint in the color of your choice. We complete the job by adding new hardware, and you save time, money and energy by not installing brand-new cabinets.
Maybe your sink’s original finish is faded and chipped. Perhaps you just need a change. No matter your reason for reglazing, A-Star Bath & Kitchen, Inc. can make your kitchen sink look new again. Our professional products ensure your sink’s finish is resistant to scratching, cracking or chipping. The entire process takes only a few hours to complete, and you can use it again by the next evening.

Serving Austin and All of South & Central Texas

Whether you’re interested in cabinet refacing or a new countertop, A-Star Bath & Kitchen, Inc. provides quality service for an affordable price, and we serve all of San Antonio and Austin as well as south and central Texas. Schedule a consultation by calling 210-592-8142. We also have more than 35 years of experience in bathroom refinishing.