It’s SUPER important to Seal Your Grout

Just cleaning your grout is not enough, sealing the tile is as important. A-Star Bath and Kitchen will do the job right, so you will have minimal cleaning of your grout if any!
Newly tiled kitchen floor or a tiled bathroom shower should look their best. You’ve spent lots of your hard earned money on this new tile job or a bunch of time cleaning the grout. Don’t you think it should look fabulous! Grout sealing is the answer to keep your grout looking great all year long. Without the added protection that sealing provides, your grout will be vulnerable against dirt, stains and other grime.

Have you ever noticed how porous tile is? Ever spill red tomato sauce on your tiled kitchen counter?

The tile looks nice and sparkly after you clean it, but the grout is now a dark red color. With the sealed grout you would’ve been able to simply wipe away the tomato sauce. Your tile and grout would look just like new!
We have some of the best grout sealers that can make your great invincible! You can choose grout in clear and color options. Want to save some money in the future? Choosing to go with a color sealer is a brilliant way to avoid replacing the tile or grout, if you ever decided to update the room.
Naturally, you don’t have to take these steps with your new tiled area of your home or business. However it’s highly recommended by experts to help protect your investment. This will save you time, effort and money in the long run.
Man doing grout sealing - Refinishing Service in San Antonio, TX
Man neatly grout sealing - Refinishing Service in San Antonio, TX
Sealing the floor - Refinishing Service in San Antonio, TX
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